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Broadcast Full Motion Video Up to 35 Miles

IP-Based Video Site

Connectivity, Incorporated (Amex:CNE), a recognized leader in the wireless call box industry, announces a revolutionary solar-powered wireless video surveillance system. The entire video site is shipped completely assembled on a powder-coated aluminum pole for effortless installation.

The Connectivity video pole provides unparallel capabilities for live video feeds from remote locations, as well as difficult wireless technologies, images are transmitted up to 35 miles for viewing on digital devices; i.e., PCs or analog devices, such as monitors or video recorders. Monitoring of remote sites, such as parking lots, becomes cost effective since expensive telephone lines and power are not required.

Features at a Glance

  • Full motion video
  • Wireless connection to any network
  • Advanced DSP camera
  • 23x optical zoom with pan capabilities
  • Infrared mode
  • No license requirements
  • Weather resistant powder-coated pole
  • Simple network interface at monitoring station via standard Ethernet cables
  • Tamper-resistant silent alarm sent to monitoring station, cell phone, pager
  • Video loss alarm
  • Internet Protocol (IP) based for ease of user configuration

For more detailed information and a live presentation contact (954) 587-1414 or (877) 776-9542.

IP-Based Video Site

The benefits of CCTV systems can be seen in sectors such as security and monitoring. Traditionally, these systems have been delivered using analog technology. However, the advent of digital technology in this area gives rise to even more benefits, such as efficient data storage and easier access to recorded data.

The Connectivity approach converts the output of standard analog cameras into a format that can be transported across digital networks. The resulting image is then available for viewing on digital devices (such as PCs) or on analog devices (such as monitors or video recorders), as required. This interoperability of analog and digital components allows for a seamless integration into any network.

Product Features

  • Stand alone encoder and decoder unit: requires no local management PC.
  • Connects directly to analog cameras, monitors and Ethernet networks.
  • Configured as an encoder, the unit digitizes and compresses video signals from analog cameras, typically at ratios of 80:1.
  • Configured as a decoder, the unit decodes and displays video on standard analog monitors.
  • High-frame rate video over low bandwidths, for example, 30 fps CIF resolution video requires 384Kbps bandwidth.
  • Twin serial ports for connection of peripherals and end-to-end serial control (RS232, RS232/422).

Product Benefits

Ensures smooth migration from analog to digital technology: convert existing analog-based CCTV to digital remote monitoring systems simply and cost-effectively without equipment obsolescence.

No cabling costs: the unit can be installed in hours and does not require AC power. Yet, it has all the features that a hard-wired system provides, such as real-time video, management of PTZ functions, and binary I/O triggers.

Removes geographical barriers: enables coordinated remote monitoring and communication across multiple locations using standard network interfaces; including LANs, WANs, wireless networks and internet communication links.

Selective viewing: allows one or more users to access video streams using same bandwidth as a single user.

Ensures the correct video quality for each application: configurable bandwidths from 8Kbps to 3 Mbps provide the choice of constant video quality or capped bandwidth utilization.

A Word About Solar Power

Solar-powered units can be designed to be on 24/7, or limited to perform random sampling and selective viewing schedules to conserve battery charge. A dispatcher or the controller has the ability to power-up, power-down and check the amount of charge in every video unit. Variables that could adversely affect the operation of the unit with respect to power consumption and draw could include: continuous use; excessive pan tilt viewing; solar panels that arenít efficient; panel orientation;replica watches and excessive use during low light times of the year. A power-usage survey is provided to determine each applicationís feasibility.

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