Video Surveillance Systems

Connectivity's revolutionary solar-powered wireless video surveillance system provides unparalleled capabilities for real-time, full-motion video feeds. From remote locations, as well as difficult installation sites, our advanced technology enables images to be transmitted up to 35 miles! Monitoring of remote sites, such as parking lots, becomes cost effective since expensive telephone lines and power are not required.

The benefits of Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) systems can be seen in sectors such as security and monitoring. Traditionally, these systems have been delivered using analog technology. However, the advent of digital technology in this area gives rise to even more benefits, for instance efficient data storage and easier access to recorded data.

The Connectivity approach converts the output of standard analog cameras into a format that can be transported across digital networks. The resulting image is then available for viewing on digital devices (for example PCs) or analog devices (for example monitors or video recorders), as required. This interoperability of analog and digital components allows for a seamless integration into any network.

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